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We're passionate about helping people, whether in our organizations or in the community surrounding our properties. We turn to our neighbors in all the areas surrounding our communities and listen to the needs of people. Helping employees and residents thrive also means actively investing in programs and new businesses that bring hope to the community. Are you a neighbor looking to partner? Drop us a line!

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The story of P30 began when Renewing Management purchased a large factory at the corner of Post and 30th St. on the Far Eastside of Indianapolis to be used as our Corporate Headquarters and to launch our sister company, Volumod.The square footage of the property was greater than needed, however, and we began to explore ways that the spare space could be used to benefit the community. What community leaders shared was that scarce resources and lack of viable business opportunities have left gaping holes in the tapestry of what was once a thriving neighborhood on the Far Eastside. The residents, mostly black and brown people, have found hope fleeting. Widespread despair, hopelessness and frustration results in addiction, violence and crime.


Of all the ideas gathered, one rose to the top: the Far Eastside needs opportunity for business, education and community-building. Renewing Communities came alongside to refurbish what was once a decrepit factory into a vibrant community hub. P30's co-working and office space, venue rental, and community space, represents a collective uniting of many businesses and nonprofits who serve the people of the area. Hope is being restored one life at a time as opportunity, prosperity and loving encouragement is given and received and the gifts and talents already present in the community are identified, celebrated and propelled.

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