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Whether you are an Asset Team member, work at one of our properties, or are part of our corporate team, we see you as an integral part both of our success as an organization, and our success in restoring hope! Renewing Communities is funded by Renewing Management as well as our employees, vendors, friends and community partners. Through the foundation we fund: 

  • The Faith Initiative (with Mike Kienapple)

  • Dental assistance grants

  • Employee matching grants for education

  • Reentry assistance for those coming out of incarceration 

If you would like to contribute, or have regular donations held from your paycheck, inquire here.



The sun is just peeking over the eastern edge of Chapel Hill Apartments when team members begin to arrive, some holding cups of coffee or a quick breakfast. It’s Friday, so before work, the team meets to review the previous week, set goals for the coming week and support each other along the way. Founded in 2017, and partnering with sister company, Volumod, Renewing Management's Reentry program helps returning citizens find new life after prison. As a one-year intensive program, participants complete a job, learn new skills, and find one-on-one mentoring. In addition, participants focus on character development.

Renewing Communities actively supports employees finding hope after incarceration. In 2021 Doug Evans, who worked many years in the Corrections System, joined the Renewing Communities team to act as a Liaison between formerly incarcerated employees and management.  

"We talk a lot about integrity," says Volumod's Director of Re-entry, John Gammon, who himself came out of incarceration. "If the heart ain't changed, nothing is changed." Integrity rolls right into being a productive, law-abiding citizen. Coming to work, paying bills, solving conflicts, and building meaningful relationships all take honesty and reliability.

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