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Restoring Hope Renewing Communities
Restoring Hope Renewing Communities

Community Care


Believing relationships are key to restored hope and community transformation, Renewing Communities seeks to provide Community Builders for each of our properties, partnering with the Community Care Network. Community Builders are residents who live at an apartment community and offer connection to neighbors, practical help and hope-building events. These monthly events, planned by the Community Builders, bring people together. Whether it's a cookout, pool party, student tutoring session, school supply drive, gardening event or a Bible study, these events are aimed at providing whole-person support. Community Builders help residents develop goals, pathways and motivation toward restoring hope in their lives. The Community Builders are also a safe voice for the community and provide neighbors a trusted resource.

Working together with a team of engaged residents we call the Resident Enhancement Team, our Community Ambassadors are liaisons between residents and management. They identify community needs and offer pathways toward real solutions, all aimed at restoring hope.


Our Community Ambassadors also work with community partners and local residents to restore hope with the young people in our communities. Programs like outdoor youth sports tournaments, fall festivals and other special events brings a sense of friendship and community, but also give us a chance to get to know residents. Our Ambassadors work to identify local adult volunteers to invest in the next generation, helping them build pathways to meet their goals.

Restoring Hope Renewing Communities



Restoring Hope Renewing Communities



The Community Gardens at Renewing Management apartments are supported through Renewing Communities. Through the Community Garden program, residents experience the joy of growing their own healthy fruits, vegetables and herbs. For many participants, healthy eating is a pathway toward the goal of improved physical health. Gardening is also a way for folks to meet their neighbors and spend time outdoors, which is another pathway to friendship and belonging. For a small fee, tools, seeds and plants are provided. Each Spring another Community Garden is constructed at one of our properties.

We love the residents of Renewing Management properties! We don't just rent apartments, but we restore hope, and are working hard to help our residents improve their lives. We see the process of restoring hope - through identifying pathways and motivating steps along those pathways - to be key for the long-term growth and happiness of our residents. We work to view every program or initiative we support through the hope-restored filter! Find out more about us.

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