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As our residents, we want you to know that we don't just rent apartments, but we restore hope. We are working hard to improve the lives of each of our residents in our dozens of communities across Indiana. 



Renewing Communities is addressing four building blocks of personal wellness for the residents living in a Renewing Management Apartment Communities. 

  • Physical Health
    We encourage an active, healthy lifestyle as part of our wellness initiative. This includes organizing youth sports activities and partnering with like-minded neighborhood organizations to support physical health. Our community garden program aims to build raised beds in each of our apartment communities for residents to grow their own vegetables and herbs. (And build relationships with fellow gardeners along the way!) 

  • Financial Stewardship
    Learning the skills to financial independence is key to improving one's financial health. We offer educational opportunities for residents that cover a wide array of financial literacy such as budgeting, investments, debt-management, the path to home ownership and how to save for retirement.

  • Creative Expression 
    Identifying the talents of our people is key to our mission! Creative expression supports positive mental health and we sponsor events that celebrate art, dance and written and spoken word that inspire creativity. 

  • Leadership Training
    We facilitate several challenges and clubs for residents such as the Youth Empowerment Challenge, and the Just Be Kind Club as well as leadership summits, entrepreneurship workshops, and mentoring opportunities. We're empowering our people to thrive despite challenges and rise to all occasions!

"We believe that our people are gifted and have untapped potential.

- Melissa Gammon, Community Ambassador 

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Our Community Ambassadors are residents of Renewing Management apartment communities tasked with working to cultivate relationships, activate and celebrate gifts, and provide vital wellness programming. For example, during the lock-down during the Covid-19 pandemic, the local school system implemented a program to provide lunches to students of closed schools. However, many families, including several in a Renewing Management community, couldn’t pick up the lunches at the designated times. The Community Ambassador, Melissa Gammon, arranged transportation with the school, and delivered food to families.


As quarantine lifted, Melissa worked with community partners and local residents to bring ideas for youth programs to life. Specifically, she worked at organizing outdoor youth sports tournaments for the neighbors in her community. In bringing folks together, the sense of friendship continues to grow. Melissa identifies adult volunteers who live locally willing to invest in and champion various programs into the future.  She leads a team of engaged residents we call the Resident Enhancement Team, and acts as the liaison between residents and management. They identify fundamental community needs and offer solutions and programming to address these needs while building positive relationships. 



If you're going through a hard time, we want to offer assistance. Or, do you have ideas for making your community a better place to live?We're looking for engaged residents who want to be part of the Resident Enhancement Team at each property we operate. 

Thanks for submitting!

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